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Ginkgo Handrail (Hand forged interior stair rail)
Custom Interior Railings with Hand-Forged Details (Stair Railings)
Interior Handrails
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Exterior Handrails with Handforged Details p.1
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To inquire about information for your Custom Metalwork Project please contact me at:
Phone: 816-231-6633  
Please leave a message, I am usually in the workshop 

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Custom Design and Production of Functional and Ornamental Iron, Aluminum Copper, Brass, Bronze and other Metal work

I build  stair railings, guard railings, gates, fences, furniture, sculpture, garden structures, door hardware, architectural metalwork, furniture, and other decorative and functional items with skill and imagination.
My custom designs or designs supplied by architects, interior or landscape designers, engineers, home owners and others are used to build quality well crafted metalwork.
Projects are built mainly of forged iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, and other alloys. Glass, woods, ceramics and plastics are often significant elements of  the design.




My shop builds projects using modern and ancient techniques, with craftsmanship learned from traditional blacksmithing.

The experience of traditional blacksmithing adds a dimension to my work that other metal shops can not achieve with "cut and weld" methods.

315 Lawn Ave
Kansas City, MO. 64124

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Phone: 816-231-6633